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Argentine Football Federation Is Teaching Love

Argentine Football Federation Is Teaching Love. Like other countries to cover the World Cup, there will be a lot of journalists from Argentina to Russia. There you will find a little relaxation with their duties. It’s nothing new. But the Argentina Football Association (AFA) project that took the initiative is probably not only new but also innovative.

The AFA organized a workshop for the country’s journalists. In this workshop, every male journalist has been handed over to the director. The small booklet is the title of several paragraphs of this book – ‘What to do with the association of Russian girls’. Or ‘how to get a girl in Russian girl’!

Argentine Football Federation

The name of the directory is ‘Russian Language and Culture’. So, in this guide, the advice of the AFA to Argentine Men Journalists, “Russian girls like other girls have noticed that you are clear whether you are fashionable and smell the body! The primary idea is always important, emphasize how to express yourself. They do not want anyone to see them as their product.

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A page of guidelines. Argentine Football Federation Is Teaching Love

They may also have an interest in physical relationships but they also want to be unique, regardless of their importance. We have their own ideas, they want it; They have to show respect. Do not speak publicly about physical relationships as idiots. This is a personal matter to the Russians. ‘

In this directive, the advice of the AFA to male journalists, cannot be kept at the center of interest in talking with Russian girls. It has been said, ‘Children often suffer from neurological pressure during a talk with a beautiful girl. This mentality will change. Only a girl, nothing else. ‘

A total of 40 journalists participated in this workshop. Of these 3 women journalists. They regard these paragraphs of the guidelines as ‘old-fashioned and idle tastes’.

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