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Bale-Benzema-Ronaldo is An Attacking Era Finish

Bale-Benzema-Ronaldo is An Attacking Era Finish

Bale Benzema Ronaldo

Bale-Benzema-Ronaldo is an attacking era finish. Ronaldo is the only player in the Real Real XI against Bayern Munich. Gareth Bale or Karim Benzema Real is not sure about playing in XI. The ‘BBC’ pair, played last season in January last year, played in Real Madrid XI.

Only four days interval. Otherwise, it would have been said four years ago, on the day the Bayern came into the house of ‘Real’ After the defeat on April 29, Bayern coach Pep Guardiola admitted after the defeat, “This is the biggest disaster in his life as a coach.”

Guardiola’s Coaching Career ‘Naut’s Gorman’ ‘Real’ Trifle Attack ‘- BBC’-Benzema, Bell, and Cristiano Nearly four years later, Bayern will play Real. The Champions Semifinals of the Champions League The only difference was that the return leg was only four years ago, and Kalka’s first leg.

Real Madrid’s BBC

But in these four years, things have changed a lot. Real Madrid’s ‘BBC’ attack was the top of the form in a 4-0 victory over Bayern. Must Real supporters remember the third round? Angle de Maria got the right corner of the corner Karim Benzema The Bayern defender Dante was struck by a flick and hit midfielder Gareth Bale. Cristiano Ronaldo has passed the Welsh Winger a short distance Bayern goalkeeper Manuel Naylor was not wrong in making Ronaldo’s goal alone in one corner.

It took time for the BBC to score nine seconds with just nine seconds! Everyone is remembered as a lively lavish talent rather than ruthlessness of power over the opponent. But when the Allianz Arena will be playing in the realm tomorrow, this ‘BBC’ is no longer the ‘BBC’. Without Ronaldo, it is not certain to have Bell or Benzema XI in this match. Real coach Zinedine Zidane’s reluctance to attack the ‘Triphala’ in such an important match is quite indispensable. ‘The BBC’ has seen the end?

Real Madrid XI

Statistics say a lot like that. Zinedine Zidane made the last Real Madrid XI in January with Ronaldo-Bell-Benzema. Earlier, BBC was not seen in the Real Madrid XI for 277 days. The BBC ‘s pair, which took place on the eve of the Real Madrid XI last January, was held in Barcelona on 23 April 2017.

Bale-Benzema-Ronaldo is An Attacking Era Finish

Bale-Benzema-Ronaldo is An Attacking Era Finish

However, the importance of Benzema is different to Ronaldo. In the attack, this French is his favorite teammate. Benzema’s unselfish run has given Ronaldo the opportunity to score so many goals. But the team wants around from him. Benzema can do it this season! In all 39 matches, 9 goals in all competitions Two goals in the Champions League Even if 10 ‘assist’ is out of the European stage How big is the number next to Real ‘Number nine’?

Bell’s round statistic this season is somewhat better than Benzema. 14 goals in 33 matches in all competitions. In the Champions League, I just saw the ball in front of Borussia Dortmund. The ‘Hundred Million EuroMan’ is not able to serve the last two seasons because of the injury in the first season of Riyal. When Ronaldo was at the start of the La Liga debut, none of Bell or Benzeman could take responsibility for his shoulder.

And so, if Ronaldo does not score goals in Bayern, tomorrow, there will be more betting against the assurance that Bale-Benzema will get. If that happens, but the BBC is likely to break down in the season. Now the loss of the La Liga title (barely sure to win), but the real president Florentino Perez is on the chest. Soon after the end of the season, Bell could deliver Bell. And if he is sure to buy Robert Levandfsky, Benzema will have to leave Bernabeu.
If the ‘BBC’ is really greedy?

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