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It’s a big shock to lose Romero Think Mascherano

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It’s a big shock to lose Romero Think Mascherano. Sergio Romero has been knocked out of the World Cup due to injury in practice. Nahuel GUZMAN has been called as a replacement, Although Javier Maçarano thinks that the vacuum of Romero is not to be met.

Remember the World Cup semi-final penalty shootout? Sergio Romero kicked two posts on the bottom line of the goalpost. After that, he would sit like a tiger waiting for a paw. And this way, two shots of the tiebreaker were against Holland. Holding a shot, and tapping the Argentine’s logo on the chest of the jersey. Vamos Vamos called out to kiss his gloves pair.

To the team, Romano’s crazy passion for the country had differentiated attention from the past. The Romero cannot be seen now below the goalpost. Javier Maçarano, another player who has beaten himself in the last World Cup, says Argentina has not lost just one player. A leader has lost!

Argentina Want To Win This World Cup

After watching the performance of Romero in the last World Cup, he took him to Manchester United, who took charge of the English club after the World Cup, Although the club’s first goalkeeper is not good enough to handle the given responsibility. In the form of a good form came from the World Cup camp. There was an unexpected injury to Argentina’s number one Wen.

Nahuel Guzman has been called an alternative. But Machona thinks that this vacuum is not met, ‘the loss of the carrom is a big push. Not only as a footballer but also as a man we miss him. He was the leader of this group for 10 years. ‘

Romero Think Mascherano

But Maçarano also thinks the World Cup in front. There is no scope to look back, “There will be a lot of things happening in football. Now we will have to go ahead by welcoming the Gujarati. We had an unexpected shock. But we have faith that the coaches will have confidence in the 23 players. ”

This World Cup is especially emotional for the match. If you play this tournament you will be able to dismiss the national team’s long career. In this World Cup, Argentina will be considered to play for the highest number of matches. Argentina could not qualify for the final last year. Could not stop the winnings of the crown In the final three tournament finals, it is also giving more dissatisfaction.

Maçarano says, ‘Sometimes there is something happening in football that is outside of my mind. We know how difficult the World Cup is. But we’ll be fighting the World Cup. This is the last opportunity for me. We hope we can fulfill the expectations. The most important thing is that everyone can see an Argentine team.

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