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That was foul, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Claim

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Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo does not think why Juventus is controversial, why the Reality Penalty is controversial In his language if Foul did not follow Blaise Matuidi, then Lucas Vázquez would have made him gooseneck. Cristiano Ronaldo does not think Juventus is excited about the players. This is the opinion of the whole world-Portuguese star witness Lucas Lucas Vázquez who has pushed me behind Blaise Matuidi. His argument is, ‘If Vashkej was not pushed, then he would have scored.’

In the Champions League, a nervous match has been played yesterday. Moving very fast to reach a goal almost impossible, Juventus has finally stopped playing a penalty. It’s all about penalties. Juventus captain, goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon Lalkard saw the defendant. At the end of the match, he did not leave the referee as ‘animal’ in response to the match. Giorgio Chiellini has said that the Spanish giants have taken advantage of the referee’s money or took advantage.

Ronaldo did not make any comment on those issues. He used to reason with an interview with LMI Sports, “I do not understand why they are protesting against penalties. If Blaise Matuidi did not foul, then our Lucas Vázquez could have been round in that place. Juventus defense players have been beaten for a long time. But we are happy with the semifinals. ”

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The match was very difficult. Ronaldo, however, thinks there is much to learn from this, ‘The match was long but exciting. This match teaches us, football cannot be guaranteed in any way. It has to continue the fight until the end. In the Champions League, we are now in the semifinals due to different steps. ”

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