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How much income does Messi know in 1 minute?

How much income does Messi know in 1 minute? You will be surprised if you hear it.

  • Messi has earned 12 million to 6 million euros this season
  • Ronaldo has earned 940 million euros
  • Ronaldo’s earnings last season was 8.77 million, Messi’s 765.5 million
  • Neymar is on three

Ballon d’Or swapped the kingdom of the two. What is the title of the Champions League Champions Trophy? However, Lionel Messi has always been behind Cristiano Ronaldo. He never came to number one as the highest paid footballer. Even behind Ronaldo, he was lagging behind. Eventually, Messi topped Ronaldo in the place. According to the France Football Journalist, Messi is now the world’s highest paid footballer.

Salary is not the sole income of footballers. A large part of their income comes from the suppliers. Messi has earned 126 million euros for the salary, bonus, and advertising during this season. Ronaldo has earned 940 million euros Ronaldo was ahead in the last season. His total income was 8 million 75 million euros. Messi’s earnings were 7 million and 65 million.

As Messi earns 25 thousand euros per minute. Bangladeshi currency which is 25 lakh 39 thousand taka. This season, La Liga, Champions League, Spanish Cup, Super Cup and Messi played for the national team, it was calculated by calculating the number of possible minutes in the remaining 5 matches of the Barcelona season. How much time did Messi play and how much he earned.

Leo Messi Argentine Stars

After Neymar Brazilian stars have their impression on the rise This Brazilian star has earned 8 million and 15 million euro in this season. Neymar is still near Messi and Ronaldo. But the rest? Gareth Bale, who lives in four, earns 440 million in this season. Gerard Piquéhas the best five in the defense. He earned two million and nine million euro.

How much income does Messi know in 1 minute?

How much income does Messi know in 1 minute?

The name above all of the coaches will not surprise you. He has earned 26 million euros. It is understood from the players how much the coaches earn from the players. Marcelo Lippi, earning 20 million euros in this old age due to working in China. Interestingly, the most-paid coach in Spain is not Barcelona or Real Madrid; At Diego Simeone of Atlético Madrid Zinedine Zidan is not much behind. Earns 20 million euros Pep Guardiola, who took charge of Manchester City, has earned 20 million in this season.

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