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How NBA has evolved over the years?

NBA’s formation was the start of a whole new era where basketball enthusiasts, both players and fans, were united every year for an amazing season of basketball series. There is a reason why the league has earned the reputation of being a premier professional league amongst all its competitors; constant evolution being one of the main reasons for that. After about 70 seasons of this amazing game series, there has been an evident change in the overall style as well as the regulations and player pool. This evolution was necessary to make sure that the game was thrilling and exciting for the audience and this is validated by the live NBA streaming online, on mobiles and TVs 24/7 during the matches.  There have been a lot of changes in NBA but the few prominent ones are worth discussing to get a better idea of the bigger picture.

Three points shooting comes in

Despite a lot of opposition initially by coaches and even players, the three points shooting became the main reason behind increasing average scores of times every year. Previously people had really negative views about it saying that it is almost like cheating. Now, if one doesn’t know how to a hit a three-point, they are really not playing basketball then. Its common sense that hitting the three points shot gets you more scores for your team and therefore if you have players capable of doing these shots, then it would be a stupidity not to go for it. Names like Stephen Curry and Golden State warriors managed to bring this evolutionary hit into the games and it has stayed ever since. Now, you see more and more people taking advantage of this introduction, even those who play centers all the time. It has almost become a qualifier for players who decide to play the game on field. Players like Al Horford and Lopez are also going in with this shit without any fear; something none of us had ever expected to happen.

Reduced number of pure point guards

The focus of basketball has shifted to scoring and aiming for higher scores which is why the requirement of a traditional point guard is no longer felt in the game. Point guards were present in the game to hold the most strategic position because they had to align the placement and overall pace of the game with the coach’s plan for them and also change as the defense changed their strategy. Now, there is less o that strategic positioning and more of just scoring highest. Kyrie Irving is the perfect example of how a point guard has now become more score oriented. Nonetheless, you will still find people like Lonzo Boll who attempt to keep the place of the point guard as it should have actually been; but the number is very less. Now when you watch one of the games of NBA, you will hardly ever come across a point guard like John Stockton but that isn’t entirely bad, because the game has adapted to that change well.

Not a hard defense anymore

Games like football and basketball have always been about this beautiful and smart combination of offense and defense, but not anymore. NBA has now shifted their dynamic to straight shooting where defense only comes in the last 5 minutes of a quarter. Defense strategy, despite the importance of its strength and success rate, is now of a secondary importance to players. Surprisingly, it serves more excitement to the fans because now they can watch NBA live without having to wait for the last basket score. Every passing minute has an equal chance of one of the games scoring and this creates more anticipation and excitement in the game.

Very few pure centers left in the game

This could be because of the three-point shot that now all the big men have to be more evolved and hardly ever you will player like Shaq taking the center. Even centers have been allowed more range and this all comes back to the point where they have to score more and therefore the movement is essential. Nonetheless, they still have an important job and that is to stop the players of the other team from striking in.

Super teams with super players

It is just amazing to see how teams have not only gotten better in terms of the strategies they use and tactics but even the type of players. People have noticed that teams have gotten more deep in talent with every passing year. Players are not really concerned about staying in the same team for years to come but more concerned about being with the best every time. It is a race of who signs the best players first and has them stacked in their team. Managers and coaches plan months before by watching every player’s game to see which ones they would be signing for coming year. This whole dynamic has led to these super teams forming that act like giants in every NBA season.

More of “small ball” players

Games few decades back were all revolved around these big men playing on the court. Now, however, that trend has changed and there are more small heighted players who are able to swiftly move around the field. Teams sacrifice the player size by focusing on just one strong forward like Kevin Durant or LeBron James and have other players all around them to allow for fast position changes and consequently a fast pacing game as well.

All these changes have transformed how NBA matches go about every season. Some changes have faced a lot of criticism but happened nonetheless and this is always justified by the increasing number of viewers every year. People are accessing live streaming of matches on mobiles, TVs and almost every digital source available. If the players and teams have managed to keep the fire burning all this time, then there isn’t much the critics can do about it.

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