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Last Three Matches of Real Madrid-Bayern Munich

Last three matches of Champions League Real Madrid-Bayern Munich

Last three matches of Champions League Real Madrid-Bayern Munich. Bayern Munich will face Real Madrid in their Champions League semi-final on Wednesday. This is the 25th time in European competitions and in the seventh semifinal match between Bayern and Real. Let’s look back to the last three battles of the two teams.

Champions League quarter-finals in 2017

By winning the two legs, 6-3 goals, Real came up to the semis. Bayern lost the first leg by 2-1 goals Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals in 47 and 77 minutes for Real. But Bayern took the first lead in the match. In the 25 minutes, Vidal gave the team forward. But later Ronaldo won the match with Real.

The second-leg match was a 4-2 win, making Kim’s ticket a certified confirmation of Real. At the end of the 90 minutes at the end of the scheduled match, the match was held in an extra time for Real and Bayern. Bayern’s Robert Lewandowski scored a penalty in the 53rd minute of the match in Real Madrid. As a result, two-legged two-figure parity in the last match. Ronaldo scored in the 76th minute but scored two goals in favor of Real Madrid and Ronaldo scored ahead.

After two minutes, the goal was scored by Bayern Bayern, who could be equally balanced by Real Madrid’s Ramos, could lead to a two-legged league and two goals. At that time, Bayern, who had 2-1 goals in the match and 3-1 in the match, had two leagues in the match. As a result, in extra time to build the match.

And there’s real chance to do it. In the 105th and 110th minutes, Ronaldo scored two goals to win Real Madrid. Then in the 11th minute, Asencio made the final goal of Real Madrid to win the team.

Champions League semi-final in 2014

Real with a two-legged 5-0 win over Real In the first leg, Karim Benzema won the only goal in his own field. Bayern had a good chance to reach the final leg of the final. Because the next leg was in their field. But they also failed there.

Although, in the first leg, the rug of the second leg match was won. Ramos and Ronaldo scored 2 goals in the second leg 4-0 goals in the semifinal Galacticos Real 3 goals in 34 minutes by eliminating Real’s way through the Real.

Semifinals of the 2012 Champions League

Bayern lost to Real in the penalty shootout 3-1 in the final. Match score was 3-3, with two legs. Bayern had won 2-1 in the first leg of his field. Gomez won the last minute of the stipulated time and the hosts won the match. Barry took the first lead in the 17th minute when Ribery opened the game. They kept the lead for a long time. However, in the 53 minutes of the match paying the ball, Real brought the balance equal to Mesut Özil.


Last three matches of Champions League Real Madrid-Bayern Munich

Last three matches of Champions League Real Madrid-Bayern Munich

Gomez gave a taste of the team victory in exactly 90 minutes, in the same way, that the match ended in balance. Barryan went ahead 2-1 in the second leg of Real Madrid. From the beginning of the match in the field, Bayern, Real, Ronaldo scored twice in the 14th minute of the match, took the lead in Galacatikora.

Barren could pay a penalty from the penalty in 27 minutes. Robben scored the goal Finally, Real scored 2-1 in the second leg. As a result, the scoreline of the match between the two leg stands 3-3. After that, Real and Barren could not change the scoreline in extra time. After finishing 3-1 in the penalty shoot, Bayern got the final ticket, Bayern

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