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This Is The Last World Cup For Lionel Messi?


World Cup For Lionel Messi?

Lionel Messi has a World Cup funding with football. There are many who believe in the words of the Sorcerer in Jorge. Messi himself said in a joke about this, hoping football would fulfill his liability. This is a laugh. But Messi has won a World Cup, the legends have an arbitrary place in Qatar, but that desire is not the least people. Lionel Messi is fascinated by the love of humans. This Is The Last World Cup For Lionel Messi? – LMI Sports

The effect of the World Cup has come. Various teams are preparing to prepare for this week’s Preeti match. Messi talks to La Coronas on TV and occasional matches against Spain and Italy Messi, thanking the well-wishers there, said, “I wish the World Cup is good, I wish I could win it – the desire to see it everywhere. In fact, many people want to see Argentina win the title at the end of the world. They want me to be given the World Cup. The desire is really great. ”

Frustration has come in such optimistic conversations. Argentina lost three consecutive final finals The team has not won the title in international tournaments for more than two decades. Messi has left retired after losing in the 2016 Copa Finals. Many believe that in 2018, if they fail to win the title of the world cup, Messi will take the decision seriously.

Argentaina Captain

Argentina captain admitted that such a decision could not be blown away. Although there is a chance to play 2022 Qatar World Cup on paper, the critics may push the entire Argentine squad to retire, saying. ‘A sound has been raised all around, this team will play together for the last time. Even after three finals, it did the opposite result. Of course, everyone depends on the fruit.


Russia may be seen for the last time Lionel Messi Argentina Jersey

We’ve got three finalists but unfortunately, no one can win. There is a lot to say about us. They can not think that we can ever be a champion. They think we will not have another chance. If that happens (if the WCup does not win), they will probably ask the whole team to move away from the national team.


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