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Messi Goals For Son 269 goals for Thiago, Mate 124 And for Ciro….

Barcelona & Chelsea

Lionel Messi receives daily reception from his teammates. But he was surprised by the practice of Barcelona on Monday with the help of teammates. All were standing in the field round. Argentine forward welcomed with the applause: Rakitig-Suarez Messi is the father! How did Messi welcome the newly born Chiron? Scored two goals!. Lionel Messi Goals For His Son Thiago, Mate & Ciro – LMI Sports

  • Lionel Messi to Become Father for the Third Time
  • Barcelona will face Chelsea in the last sixteenth leg of the Champions League.
  • Messi scored 266 goals after the birth of Thiago.
  • Mother has also scored 124 goals after being born.

Not the first time that a father became a father. Thiago in 2012 and Messi in 2015 also came in the life of Messi. On Saturday, Messi-Rocuzo’s third child, Chiron, came to the house. That’s the Messi’s hat-trick of being a father that’s why the teammates’ applause. Messi has to prepare for this fight to get away from the taste of the reception. Barca has played Chelsea in the last 16 rounds of the Champions League, in the Black Nou camp. This will be Messi’s first match after the third childhood taste. How did it, father of Chiron?

Messi has scored goals for Thiago and Mateo’s parents. Chiropody may have been a new blessing in his life. Messi had not even thought about this season. Highest scorer in the league with 24 goals in 27 matches In all competitions, the number of goals scored 34 out of 42 matches, However, after becoming a father, Messi could have left the experience twice, Messi was worried.


Messi’s first child, Thiago, born November 2, 2012, The next day Barcelona won 3-1 goals against Celta de Vigo in Nou Camp, but Messi did not score. In the next match against the Celtic in the Champions League, he was lost. But Messi got the ball in front of the face of Messi Mateo was born on September 11, 2015. On the following day, Messi scored the goal of a 2-1 victory over Atletico Madrid. He played very well.


Messi Goals For Son 269 goals for Thiago, Mate 124 And for Ciro …

The Spanish press titled ‘Spott’ – ‘Superpapa’ Tomorrow, he made his fastest goal in the career. Not only did he score two goals, he also scored a goal with Douglas in Osman. Messi has played the role of ‘Sparta’, which is titled ‘Excess’. Messi has given the ecstasy of tomorrow.

Leo Messi has scored 269 goals so far after the birth of Thiago. 12 goals with Mateo Now the turnaround time. “Papa Messi” scored two goals in the first match, but he kept hitting something good.

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