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If Man City Is Win One Match Of EPL They Will Be Champion

Pep Guardiola

If Man City Is Win One Match Of EPL They Will Be champion. Manchester City may write the future of English Premier League title in Etihad on Saturday. Pep Guardiola is the champion of the English league this season if he can win the ‘Manchester Derby’.

The city got 3-1 goals in Everton ground yesterday. In this 31 matches, Citizen’s collection stood at 84 points. The second place is Manchester United (68 points), with 16 points behind, while Guardiola’s team is at the top. There are 7 more games left in the league. But if Saturday’s derby wins, the city will get 87 points. Then the remaining two teams will become 6 matches it will be just formal.

Pep Guardiola could not win three times before in Goodison Park. Tomorrow, there is no difficulty in winning. City went ahead 3-0 in the first half. Leroy Sané, Gabriel Jesus and Raheem Sterling scored goals. Everton F.C. could only reduce the gap in the second half. In the history of the English league, City saw the victory of all the other teams (19) in one season as the tenth club.

Evidence figures of how much the City played on Everton ground. Guardiola’s disciples hold the ball in 82.13 percent of the match. After the calculation of the possession of the ball from the 2003-04 season, it is the highest time for any team to hold the ball in the opponent’s field.

Jose Mourinho

Not only that, for Guardiola, the occasion of celebrating this victory. Guardiola won 50 matches in the league He reached the milestone in the second half of the English Premier League (69 matches). Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho has backed everyone by winning 50 matches in 63 matches.


Another win-win city players. The team is getting the crown of aroma

Liverpool won 2-1 goals in the Crystal Palace field. In the 13th minute the hosts went ahead with penalty, but in the second half, Sadio Maine and Mohammad Salah scored for Liverpool. In the league this season, Egyptian striker Salah scored 21 goals against a separate team. The 38 match season, which is jointly (Cristiano Ronaldo and Robin van Percy) is the highest. Third Liverpool, with 66 points in 32 matches, has seen a great milestone. In the league match, 679 wins on Liverpool, Arsenal, which is jointly the highest.

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