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FIFA World Cup

Maradona will watch World Cup 2018 in Fear

Maradona will watch World Cup 2018 in Fear

Maradona will watch World Cup 2018 in Fear. Prepress medicines in one hand, and the pressure machine in the other hand! Diego Maradona will be able to see the World Cup matches. He is not the only believer in the 1986 World Cup hero. In the words of Maradona, there was a possibility that Argentina could be caught in the group stage.

This is what Argentina has been in such a group, the rest of the three teams are no less than anyone. As a result, there are no clear two favorites in this group. When a team is about to be defeated, it is difficult to tell. As a result, the trail of Argentine will not be smooth. But the Argentine team is thinking of Maradona more than the opponent. No one sees Maradona as a leader in this team. Do not see the impression of the plan.

Argentina World Cup Format 2-3-3-2

Maradona said, ‘I suspect, I’m really skeptical. Hopefully, I will cross the first round well. Iceland, Nigeria, and Croatia will never be easy for us, never.

After that he has washed his own party, “There is no experience of this team, there is no leader in the path from the front, there are no tactics. I think Argentina’s standards are at stake now. Argentina has received reports that they want to play in 2-3-3-2 format. It’s ridiculous. Now someone plays like this? This game was played in the 1930s. ‘

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