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The Messi generation is the last chance to win the Russian World Cup

Lionel Messi 2018 FIFA World Cup

Lionel Messi admitted FIFA Russia World Cup 2018 offers Argentina. The Messi generation is the last chance to win the Russian World Cup. Argentina could not win the title in the final of the last World Cup. Now Messi is getting the chance in Russia. Before leaving the country Messi said there is no place for runners-up in Argentina.

Diego Maradona says there is no evidence of Lionel Messi in Argentine jersey. It may not be, but Messi is going to win a trophy long ago. If that is the World Cup then there is no talk. Although the final World Cup finals, the title was ultimately far away from the Argentinean issue. Now there is another opportunity for Russia to come. Messi said before leaving the country, Argentina never played for the second time.

Messi is going to Russia with the pain of the Brazil World Cup. The Argentines are still in the final to burn the rate to Germany. Messi admitted, ‘We were very close to meeting the dream. But this is football. The best team does not win forever. We have to go ahead with this. We all cried like the rest of Argentina. No one has forgotten the pain. ‘

Argentina won the major title last 25 years ago. After winning the Copa América in 1993, Argentina won the major title. One of the best teams in the world, the teammate with world-famous players, they can not win the title! Argentina has failed in three major final finals including the World Cup in the last four years. The whole matter is now a discussion-criticism scourge. This failure of the Argentineans to ridicule ridiculous object.

This Is Tha Last Chance For Messi!

Messi did not hear anything less about this. Earlier, Barça’s star forward Forward did not even in the country’s two Copa America final. There is also the final of the World Cup final. In all, Argentina failed in the final of the three major tournaments. But Messi did not wear them. He understands the fact, ‘Argentina is the football-go-go race. The media reaction that may have been normal for them. There is no place for runners-up in Argentina either. ‘

The Argentine team is quite strong. Messi is with star players like Javier Mascherano, Angel di Maria, Sergio Aguero, Gonzalo Higuain, Paulo Dybala. But this is the last chance of winning the World Cup for Aguero-D Maria-Messi-Macharenad’s generation. Messi himself is well aware of this And so the 30-year-old forward, looking at Russia as the last opportunity, says, ‘I have the same dream-winning the title in the final. Although it is very difficult We want to change the last time we go to the final. We want to win the title because this is the last opportunity for our generation. ”

Lionel Messi Admitted FIFA Russia World Cup 2018 offers Argentina

But Messi does not see Argentina as a favorite. His comment, “Germany will try the best to keep the title. The Spanish team is good, Brazil and Portugal have done well in the qualification. France is also a very good team. “Messi is the favorites in the World Cup in Russia. That means Messi does not want to take unnecessary pressure by putting pressure on Argentine favorites. Messi arrives in Barcelona after flying from Argentina. They will take part in the last episode before the World Cup.

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