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Leo Messi Touched Mohamed Salah, Barca Real Sociedad

Leo Messi Touched Mohamed Salah, Barca Real Sociedad

• Barca, with 38 games unbeaten in La Liga, made the joint record. Leo Messi Touched.
• Records were held by the Real Sociedad.
• Leo Messi reaches Mohamed Salah with a hat-trick in CD Leganés.
• The scores of two of their league are equal in this season – 29
• Ronaldinho has scored a goal from the free kick, Messi also touched this

Barcelona crowns the fragrance of the league title The nose-face of the fragrance Mecca will now sit down to see ‘Madrid derby’ Lionel Messi The 38-odd unbeaten streak in La Liga is also the pride of Leo Messi Touched, which means that Barça is in control. However, Ernesto Valverde’s team will have to remain against Valencia on April 14 for the unofficial record of occupation. Leo Messi Touched Mohamed Salah, Barca Real Sociedad.

La Liga Scored

In the 1978-79 and 1979-80 season, La Liga scored 38 runs in an unbeaten record, Real Sociedad scored. The people of Valverde shared the record of the Sociedad, who beat Leganes 3-1 in the night, sharing the record. They lost the final against the Malaga in April last year. In the first 7 matches of this 38 match unbeaten, Barcelona coach Luis Enrique, in the next 31 matches in Valverde.

But in the league, this unbeaten record of winning matches, but Barca forward The 38-match match ended unbeaten with a 22-match winning streak with Soceaidad Bersa took the same way with a 7-match draw with 31 victories. Messi and Suarez (107 goals) have long been behind Straatgegi and Lopez Uffertad’s Sociedad (61 goals).

So tell me which score is the highest score in the race for Barça? Just took it. Lionel Messi! 39 goals Louis Suarez scored 27 goals behind him. Liverpool’s Messi Messi smashes a hat-trick in the Leganés.

He is Mohammad Salah From the press, fans call him ‘The Pharaoh’, ‘Messi of Egypt’ or ‘King of Egypt’. Giving last Liverpool supporters. Salah was ahead of the all-time European champion till the end of the night till the night. Now his maximum score in the English Premier League is 29. But Messi (29 goals) has hit Salla by hitting the ball in the leggings. Both points are equal to 58 The highest scorer among the various European leagues has been awarded this award.


Messi’s match-fixing match to clear the goalkeeper The legendary goalkeeper of the legend made yesterday


Barca forwarded but the other one touched. Does he remember his first goal from the free kick in the Leganés? The goalkeeper has made fools in the twisted shot taken from 30 yards away This season Messi scored 7 goals from a free kick, with 6 goals in La Liga After the 2006-07 season, La Liga is the first to make 6 goals for a free kick in one season. Ronaldinho did before Messi.
Lionel Messi is the 45th hat-trick in the country and club career. Of these, 40 have been hat-tricks in Barcelona’s Jersey, only in La Liga, their hat-trick number 29. The first goal was the 40th round of his career from Free Kick on Tomorrow’s hat. Due to the team performing consistently, these numbers – the price of the data may have to be priced at Messi. Barça was the only team to win an unbeaten title in the league and only 7 matches away. Barça topped the league table with 79 points in 31 matches. Second Atletico Madrid with 67 points in 30 matches, second Atletico Madrid.

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