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Mohamed Salah is Liverpool, Neymar is Uncertain in PSG.

Mohamed Salah is Liverpool, Neymar is uncertain in PSG, lmisports, lmi sports

Mohamed Salah is Liverpool, Neymar is uncertain in PSG. There has been a buzz to go to Real Madrid for a few months around Mohammad Salah. But the Egyptian forward himself said that he is not going anywhere. Liverpool will be there Meanwhile, Real is running behind Neymar. The Brazilian forward told his closest people, it was a wrong decision to go to Paris. However, to buy Neymar, there will be a lot of trouble will be the real time.

It was known to all the recipients of the award of Muhammad Salah. Players and athletes have been voted the Premier League’s best player of the season, and will not be the club’s Liverpool season best! Liverpool Left-back Andy Robertson was joking in front of the camera in front of the ceremony, “Liverpool players’ award nights are welcomed by everyone. Or say moha salah awards night?

Even though the damage did not increase. With the support of the supporters and the players, there are also two season-winning rewards, this year’s Liverpool salaah hands. Not only that but Salah, who came to take the prize, also gave Liverpool supporters less than 43 goals in the season. For the last few months, his rumor went to Real Madrid. His country’s former coach-player, even the head of state, should also go to Salar Rial to increase the air on the ground. But after so much buzz, Salah said, ‘I’m not going anywhere!’

‘I’m very happy here. Everything is going well. Of course, I have many ambitions in future with Liverpool. You see, we’ve had a great season, we’ve been in the Champions League final. But this is just the beginning! ‘- Salah spoke on the prize distribution platform. If the Champions League Final starts with “great things” of the Yugren Clip team, then it is by Real Madrid. On 26 May, Zinedine Zidane teamed up to win the third Liverpool’s third consecutive Champions League title in Kiev.

It’s about Real Madrid and another team. Which is more important than the salah on the side of salaries? Neymar! This season he left Barcelona and went to PSG. But next season Neymar wants to return to Spain again, he is not new to the buzz. The latest news is that the process of leaving his PSG has started. The Spanish press, which has named Real Madrid as the ‘Operation Neymar!’, Has also been given the responsibility of completing this altercation. There is a complexity in which there is a reputation for change. Mahavir played the role of even taking possession of Roman Abramovich Chelsea.

Neymar Want To Leave PSG?

Mohamed Salah is Liverpool, Neymar is uncertain in PSG, lmisports, lmi sports

Mohamed Salah is Liverpool, Neymar is uncertain in PSG

There are many plays in Neymar’s PSG. The Spanish daily Marka informs that PSG President Nasser al-Kawaii has been informed about Neymar’s leave to leave a few days ago. The Brazilian star, who wants to leave Paris, also said that Marka. The 26-year-old forward or acknowledged to the nearby people, it was a wrong decision to go to Paris. He does not even meet Argentine teammates in the PSG dressing room even with Uruguayan Edison Cavani. On the other hand, the teammates are angry with Neymar.

This is not the only problem. In Neymar’s contract with Barcelona, there was a ‘release clause’, in spite of Barça’s reluctance to pay Neymar, PSG, there is no condition in Neymar’s contract with the French club. Based on the PSG, it depends on everything. So much depends on the willingness of the PSG, Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, in his hands-in reluctance and ego. After one year, to leave the world’s most expensive player, Qatar’s Amir Tamim may have to be vulnerable.

And the price is only there. PSG took Neymar to Barcelona’s world record for 22 million euros from Barcelona. Real knows, if you buy him now, he will have to spend more than 25-26 million euros. Add salary with Cristiano Ronaldo could not be more than Neymar’s salary, and PSG could not be less than what he got. Again, change, pay … everything will be done in accordance with UEFA’s Financial Fair Play policy. Neymar is the name of the player, maybe the Real is too difficult to agree.

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