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Neymar Has Expressed His Desire To Join Real Madrid Teammates

Neymar Has Expressed His Desire To Join Real Madrid Teammates, lmi sports, lmisports

Neymar has expressed his desire to join Real Madrid teammates. Neymar wants to go to the realm, this is the buzz. PSG’s great teammates know whether this will be the wish of the Brazilian star. Neymar wants to join Real Madrid, has been buzzing long before. The Spanish press reported that the Brazilian forward PSG-teammates also know whether the teammates or teammates. But it seems like this news is not just PSG! They are still not demanding the sale of Neymar for their sale.

But the French media ‘Liberation’ said Neymar was trying to return to his father’s market again. For this, he met with super agent Pini Zahavi in Paris a few weeks ago. This Israeli Super Agent had played a great role in getting Neymar’s PSG from Barcelona.

A source close to Neymar told ‘Liberation’ that the contents of the meeting between Jabwe and Neymar’s father were changed. The source commented, “He (Neymar’s father) said to arrange to go to Europe’s biggest club”. The Spaniard, however, thinks that the news of the meeting was made to pressure the PSG to raise the salary. This is a strategy.

Neymar Join To Real Madrid Teammates

According to ‘Liberation’, Neymar does not want to go to England. Can not return to Barca. Bayern Munich has never expressed interest in it. So there is no doubt about Neymar’s father who has interpreted Real Madrid as the ‘Europe’s biggest club’.

Neymar Has Expressed His Desire To Join Real Madrid Teammates, lmi sports, lmisports

Neymar Has Expressed His Desire To Join Real Madrid Teammates. Neymar Has Expressed His Desire To Join Real Madrid Teammates.

Meanwhile, the PSG did not say anything clear about whether Neymar would leave Paris or not. They have told Neymar that they do not want to sell, they have already told. They will not listen to a club proposal now-the Spanish media said so. A source told the media, “Neymar has no fixed price. Because he is not in the market of change. The possibility of reaching the deal with the club (PSG) is zero. ‘

Neymar is now in Paris. A foot injury has not yet fully healed. But in the French Cup final, PSG celebrated the title with teammates. The French media ‘La Parisian’ and the Spanish press ‘Mondo Depotivo’ said that at a dinner, Neymar or his club-teammates have the desire to go to Real. The dinner was organized on Wednesday by PSG’s Brazilian defender Thiago Silva. He organized the dinner on the joy of winning the French Cup.

There is a restaurant in Paris where regular PSG Latin players are stuck. There were some other players, including Javier Pastor, Marquinhos, Thiago Motta, who were invited to attend the dinner at the dinner there. Named by the name “Mondo Depotivo”, he said that a player attending the dinner said, “If you can win the World Cup, it is sure that Neymar will not return to Paris.”
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