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FIFA World Cup

No One Before Ronaldo

No One Before Ronaldo

No One Before Ronaldo. Attack-counter attack, goal, hat-trick … all were seen in the second day of the World Cup, in the fourth match! The Portuguese-Spain match seemed to be the final. If there is no record in the match! So are they Ronaldo scored the record for the World Cup This is a record. Ronaldo scored his hat-trick in the first match He said he is in the World Cup, he is staying. The rest will say the time.

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Hattrick; Ronaldo made his 51st World Cup hat-trick Another information coincidentally, it is also Ronaldo’s career (combined with the club and national team) 51st hat-trick Ronaldo may be upset in a record among so many records, his supporters may be upset. Ronaldo is the oldest player in the World Cup. It was 33 years old.

Another record spins the support of Spain fans. There was also Ronaldo, a craftsman. Nobody could show it before Ronaldo. The World Cup history page is not inverted; No one has done this before. No one was able to make any hat-trick against Spain at the World Cup stage. He is the protagonist of Portuguese football, he is Ronaldo.

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