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We are not favorites in the World Cup

We are not favorites in the World Cup LMI Sports Football News

We are not favorites in the World Cup. It was surprising that he chose England as the captain. Harry Kye, 24, is going to make a record in Russia, becoming the youngest England captain in the World Cup. Bobby Moore, the record holder of the 1966 World Cup, was 25 years old. In the season, 43 goals in 48 games for the club and 12 goals in 23 games in the national team’s jersey, why is it ready for England’s expectations in Russia?

Q: Have you ever dreamed of captaining England in the World Cup?

Why Harry: England had a dream to play in the World Cup. But the biggest honor to lead the country on the highest stage is the honor. Earlier, I was captain of the three lions in a few matches, but I never thought that I will be selected to perform this responsibility in the World Cup. I’m overwhelmed, proud.

Q: What was your first feeling after the coach told you this news?

Why: I told you a few days ago (to be honest). But the coach told me not to tell anyone. Yes, the feeling is not like that! I was only 24 years old, played just 23 matches for the country. I could understand the World Cup team. But I can not believe that I will lead the team, that’s a World Cup!

Q: Will the pressure increase further?

Why: This is not the case. Whatever we were doing, that’s what we need to do. We are not among the fans of the World Cup. At least footballers do not say that! We are looking forward to showcasing something in the World Cup, the younger team than many other teams.

Q: If there is no pressure from the English media?

Why: See, expecting to represent England in the World Cup will remain. It can not deny you We have adapted it too.

Defense: But what is the leader of the party? Will England be able to?

Why: I think I can. In this way, I believe we have the talent and confidence to do great things. We have to go ahead with the talent playing them. Then the rest will be just like that. Anything can happen in football What is fate, it can never be said.

Q: There are groups in Tunisia and Panama. It’s not going to be a problem at the knockout stage. The fight to be a group is to be with Belgium.

Why: Belgium championship team. There are some great talents that they have. It has been playing interesting football for years. Fortunately, most of their players play in the English Premier League and knowing the opponent’s strength is always convenient. Whatever happens, it will happen in 90 minutes of the match. The match will be on June 28, the last match of the group. Before that, we have to make sure that we are fighting for the group to win the first two matches of the group. Panama has emerged from a group that the United States and Honduras could not. Tunisia is also ready to surprise anyone. You can not hold anything in the World Cup beforehand.

Q: Can you play with Colombia or Poland in the second round, Brazil or Germany in the last match?

Why: Sorry, I do not think so. Our first goal is to ensure the second round. Now we should think about these three matches of the group. Not only that, we are just thinking about the first match. We will go ahead with each match. Quarterfinals have not yet thought anything.

Q: Your favorite in the World Cup …

Why: Again, I do not think about the other parties. Generally, there are always fans of football legends all the time. Such as Germany, Brazil, Argentina. Then there will be Portugal and France – two teams have reached 2016 final. Spain is a great team. We should be happy when our names come with the same brackets with these parties.

Q: What about the possibility of winning your golden boot?

Why: My goal as a striker is to score. I am happy if I can score This feeling cannot be understood in the language. Naturally, we want to score as many goals as possible in the World Cup. However, we can not score all the time in the field. So it is important to contribute to any other needs of the team. My play style is so similar. Keeping the ball in the half of the opponent, giving time to the teammates to come up, to play the game from the bottom, to give the teammate a better place to score … these efforts have always been mine. If I make more goals, it will be easy for us to go further away. I want that. Always!

One way

Full name

Why Harry Edward

Date: 28 July 1993

Birthplace: Walthamstow, England

Position: Striker

Club: Tottenham

Professional Football Start: 2009

National team debut: 2015

Match: 23

Goals: 12

Club carrier

Match: 278

Goals: 156

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