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Now Liverpool Supporters Singing Songs About ‘Muslim’ And ‘Mosque’

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After the devastation of several militants, there was panic in European and American countries. Local residents fearing Muslims; Again, attacks are also being carried out in a Muslim identity. Surprisingly, in this situation, the English club Liverpool singers sing songs to Muslims! No, they are not doing this to give a message to the government. The main occasion of this song is the celebration of Egyptian star Mohammad Salah of Liverpool. Now Liverpool Supporters Singing Songs About ‘Muslim’ And ‘Mosque’

UEFA Champions League Match

This year, Salah has scored 41 goals for Liverpool and won the Football Player of the Year award for his professional football association. Fans Mohammad Salah has now given the new name ‘Egyptian King’. Journalist Rabia is one of the Liverpool fans. Rabia’s husband and two boys and girls working in the media like the BBC are all Liverpool supporters. In the UEFA Champions League match between Liverpool and Roma, his children were shouting in support of Liverpool star Mohammad Salah.

In Mohammad Salah’s own country, he is already in the seat of the king in the hearts of the devotees. The reason is not only Salah’s success in Liverpool. Salah, who took the Egyptian national team to the Russian World Cup, scored a famous penalty in the qualifying. And Liverpool’s fans are portraying him as the ‘Pharaoh’ or Egyptian king, that banner is now hanging around the Liverpool home ground.

Fans of Liverpool have now taken Muhammad Salah so much that he is now being heard singing ‘Muslim’ and ‘Mosque’ on the day of the game. Muslim women are wearing red-white-black hijab of red or Egyptian flag like Liverpool, they are celebrating the success of Liverpool as men.

In Rabi’ah, ‘These things Mohamed Salah are taking the significance of success to a greater level than football.’

Liverpool or Egypt

Now that Salah is now Liverpool or Egypt- why not get to the ground, Egyptians have forgotten their political divide for 90 minutes and are rushing to the front of the TV at home or in the cafe. Rabia Limbada wrote that Salah has now become a role model or an example for her children. His game, raising his hand in the field, praying, his beard – everything is proud of them as a Muslim.

Salah has changed the concept of Muslims in Britain. That in Britain, in modern times Muslims have to think twice to show their Islamic heritage. According to Robi, ‘After many days, in Mohammad Salah we find a Muslim who is not a’ bogeyman ‘. That is, there is nothing to fear about whom.

Now Liverpool Supporters Singing Songs About 'Muslim' And 'Mosque'

Now Liverpool Supporters Singing Songs About ‘Muslim’ And ‘Mosque’

Mohammad Salah is connecting different communities of Britain through it, says Rabia Limbada. He wrote, ‘Among his friends who are supporters of Liverpool and not Muslims; They also realized this fact. Their point is, the importance of the rise of Muhammad Salah is that it has challenged the thinking of narrow-minded people. ‘

Muhammad Salah does not make any reservations about his Muslim identity. German manager Jurgen Klopp, with three Muslim stars of Liverpool. Salah, Sadio, and Emre Chan said in an interview that how these three players are ready to play after waking up according to Islamic custom. Rabiya says this is a big message for children and others like them, a big inspiration. I know he is a great player.

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