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Only One Team Could Show Dominance Like Barcelona – Real Madrid

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Andrés Iniesta has said that Barcelona’s chances are good. The end of Barcelona’s successful one decade ended with his indifference. The rise of the golden generation of Barcelona began in the 2008-09 season. Just a decade after the departure of Iniesta, in this 10 years, 27 trophies have been arranged in the cabinet! Very few teams have shown such domination in football history.

Pep Guardiola was given the responsibility of Barcelona’s 2008-09 season. In the first season, Guardiola won six of six consecutive six titles in a fantastic show. The beginning of the decade of Barcelona was also there. Barcelona has won 7 La Liga in the 10 years despite not being the all-time champion in the first season.

The Copa del Rey won six, in the meantime, in the last four years, the title did not allow anyone to go. The success of the league and cup has also been dragged into the Spanish Super Cup. Iniesta-Messi won five Super Cups.

UEFA Super Cups

Catalan Club has also been successful in Europe at home. Barcelona won three champions in the last 10 years He has played three UEFA Super Cups, won three. The Club World Cup has been won three times in Iniesta-Pike. The success of Barca, Real Madrid was cornered in the opposite side of the stream, in Spain. In this ten year, only two La Liga, two Copa del Rey and two UEFA Super Cup wins Real. 9 titles in the international tournament brought the trophy number 15 to the trophy in this decade.

The question could arise, what is the dominance of any party first shown this?

Although not so much in La Liga, in the nineties (1991-00) Barca was very good at Barcelona. The team won six league titles in the decade. He has two Copa del Rey, 4 Spanish Super Cup, and one Champions League. Barcelona’s first European Cup trophy came at this time. The club, however, could never go anywhere near the show in the league. In comparison to that, in the Fifties (1951-60), five Cup wins, Copa del Rey was the top scorer in Barcelona.

Only One Team Could Show Dominance Like Barcelona - Real Madrid

Only One Team Could Show Dominance Like Barcelona – Real Madrid

La Liga Won

In the mid-1980s, it was just like Real Madrid had. 1986 to 95 – Los Blancos won the league title in 10 of these 10 seasons. The first five titles were drawn! He has two Copa del Rey, 4 Spanish Super Cups, and 1 Europa League. In the 1980s (1971-80), six league titles were held for Real Madrid. She has three Copa del Ray.

However, there was only one team in Real, near to Messi-Iniesta, in all areas. Alfredo de Stefano-Ferienk Puskas’s team won seven La Liga in a decade (1954-63). He has five champions league with him. The team was not very successful at the Copa del Rey (a Trophy). The Spanish Super Cup or the European Super Cup or the Club World Cup did not have the chance to keep them in the trophy cabinet because Stefano-Pausakas If not, there is no doubt that the number of trophies in the fight against Messi and Iniesta.

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