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Ramos Claims Messi Has Put Pressure On The Referee

Ramos Claims Messi Has Put Pressure On The Referee

Ramos Claims Messi Has Put Pressure On The Referee. The referee’s decision was bogged down by the Barça-Real two sides. The complaint is serious Real captain Sergio Ramos said at the press conference after the match that everyone can surprise. Lionel Messi put pressure on the referee during the break.

Although La Liga championship was not set, the last night’s El Clásico was full of controversy. At the beginning of the match, Cristiano Ronaldo from Marcelo Pass entered the Barcelona box, but Lythman called offside. On television replays, Ronaldo did not go too far. There is also debate over Barcelona’s second goal. Suarez Rafael Bharana foul, but the referee ignored Messi’s formidable goal. Sergio Roberto has a red card. Roberto, who had seen a red card with a fierce blame on the face of the red card, where Gareth Bell survived, was hit by a fierce crime.

Ramos said

Ramos said, “Messi Conley has put pressure on the referee. I do not know if there was a camera! I can not even say whether the referee has made bad decisions in the second half of Messi’s pressure. But all these are the matter of field. I want to be left in the field. ”

The tension between Barcelona’s Gerard Piqué and Real Drama Fernández is a black chapter of yesterday’s El Clásico. Ramos has flown the other way, “Both of them are my teammates in the Spanish national team. I know how much the team’s teammates have respect for each other.’

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