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Real-Atletico Fighting But Win Barca


Santiago Bernabéu

Real Madrid cannot defeat Atletico Madrid in Santiago Bernabéu for last five years, Real Madrid That’s why today Ronaldo has been in the attack from the start of Madrid-Derby. Real, however, could not leave the field with a showy performance. Many discussions ended in a 1-1 draw. And the advantage of this is Barcelona. Barca went 11 points ahead of Atletico at the two. Only 7 matches left in the league. Real Madrid Vs Atletico Madrid Fighting But Win Barcelona.

In the first 10 minutes of the match, Real got three goals. The hosts could have scored at least three goals before the first half ended. But in the 11th minute, Marco Escenio and Marcelo’s shot in the 42nd minute shuffled the ball but Real did not get the goal. Two shots of Rafael Verney and Dani Carvajal have been incredible to prevent Jan Oblak And because of being in great form, Cristiano Ronaldo has also scored twice in the match. Within the first 45 minutes!

On the other hand, Kevlar Nawab had to make just one save, Diego Costa sent the shot left to the left and the real goalkeeper sent out. In the first half, only 4 of the Atletico shot against Real 15 balls. Real possession was also 30 percent ahead of Real.

Second Half

Real early in the second half took the lead In the 53rd over, Ronaldo scored a brilliant cross by pulling the ball to the left end, Ronaldo said, after finding the ball on the far side, Ronaldo finally gave up the ball. But the joy of getting ahead of Reality is just 3 minutes. In the 57th minute, with Lukas Hernández one-two sent the ball to Real Madrid netting (1-1).

Atletico could proceed to the next minute. But now the coke has prevented the save of Navas. Benzema was ousted by Ronaldo in 62 minutes. In the 71st minute, Escrow and Luka Modrić also got the chance to change the result. But there were no results in one attack after another.


Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid Fighting But Win Barcelona – LMI Sports

There was no attack on the middle of the field, but the result was not achieved even after crossing one wing using two wings. In the 90 minutes, when Ramos’ free-kick came out of the D-box, Wabal immediately understood that Derby was not yet won, but Real has not won.

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