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Real Madrid Captain Sergio Ramos Help To Won The Old Team!

Real Madrid Captain Sergio Ramos Help To Won The Old Team!, lmisports, lmi sports

Real Madrid Captain Sergio Ramos Help To Won The Old Team!. Sevilla has beaten Real 3-2 with Real. Ramos’ penalty missed, also made a suicide goal. Sergio Ramos has made debut in Seychelles 14 years ago in Sánchez Pijuan. On the night of La Liga, he scored in the net of the Sevier. Real Madrid captain, as he was leaving JUAN, took two hands and asked for forgiveness. But Ramos’ apology is not only for the supporters of Seva but also to real fans. Sevier is the real ‘hero’ Ramos!

Ramos did not do! In the 58th minute, the penalty was not able to score, the yellow card was seen in the 84th minute, just after the suicide goal! At the time of the addition, he scored Real from the penalty. But it was late. Sevia has lost Real to 3-2.

Real ramose’s life club but grew up in Sevier’s age group. Andalusian is also deeply loved for this club. Last year once said, ‘I will have Real and Sevier flags while burying me.’ But this Ramos again is a ruthless professional. His goal against Sevilla in La Liga (7) is more than any other club. Again, in La Liga, Ramos scored two suicidal goals, only that made Sevai advantage!

Due to the settlement of the Barcelona League title, Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidan seemed to have missed out on the regular XI. Apart from that, there is also the final of the Champions League. Zidane did not take the risk of injury to important players. Real coach made changes in the previous game against Barca in the eleventh game. Only Benzema, Cassimero and Ramos have played in the field since the start of the match. Ronaldo, Cruz, Modrice, Nave, Marcelo, Vernon had left Zadin in Madrid.

Hathayataya got the fruit The three goals scored by Sevia are actually the result of Real Madrid’s mistakes. In the first half, Ben Yeddyar and Miguel leone scored the goal and the hosts were ahead. In the 26th minute, Jasas Valley was screwed by Ben Yeddyar, who scored a goal from Louie Maurel’s cross. Ramos could not stop him. Real goalkeeper Kasilah gave away Sevier Steven Zonzi shot in the last minute of the first half; But could not get rid of the danger. Leune scored in the penalty shot after getting the ball inconvenient place. In the first half, Real has managed to take just one shot at the Sevier goalpost.

Ramos’ strong shot

Real Madrid Captain Sergio Ramos Help To Won The Old Team!, lmisports, lmi sports

Real Madrid Captain Sergio Ramos Help To Won The Old Team!

The Madrid Club, which got penalties in the 57th minute after the break. But Ramos’ strong shot was averted on the crossbar. Ramos was unable to risk the league’s shot in 5 minutes. The ball rolls into the net with his legs. The coincidence, Ramos scored a suicide goal last season, against the Sevier, in the 85th minute!

Two minutes later, Borah Mayoral scored the goal for Real. Real got the penalty when he was added. Ramos did not make any mistake in the goal, but could not avoid the team rate. The Spanish press ‘AS’ said Ramos was the first player to score a goal in a La Liga match against the penalties and failing.

Normally this record does not look like Ramos. After the match, Zidane said about his disciple, “She did not leave the field, and it is normal.” Third Real with 72 points in 36 matches. Barcelona, with the second Atletico Madrid with 75 points in the same match, and Barcelona at the top with 90 points.

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