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Reasons Why You To Remember These 10 Footballers

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Reasons Why You To Remember These 10 Footballers. Very few footballers can win the host audience on the field. This report about some of the footballers who have been able to honor the opponents. Football is not just a game; Emotions, feelings, names too Sometimes football has to support the opponent’s superiority with support or pride over the team. It is a great moment in the field but it does not come again. But whenever it comes, the thrilling chapter is born.

Fortunately, there are very few footballers in this part of history. Those who can win the support of the supporters of their opponents in their performance, they are the true winners of the match.

1. Ronaldo Nazario de Lima: (Old Trafford, Real Madrid vs Manchester United, 2003)

Ronaldo Nazario de Lima is one of the few strikers who has just been successful in the history with the ability to score goals. Do not know? This is José Mourinho’s ‘real Ronaldo’ – that is, Brazil’s World Cup-winning Ronaldo The striker, ‘The phenomenon’, went on to play in the 2003 Champions League quarter-final return leg at Old Trafford. Manchester United took advantage of a fantastic hat-trick in the minds of fans.

United won the match by 4-3 goals in ‘Champions League’. But with Ronaldo’s superiority, he stood up from Old Trafford’s seat (hosted supporters). When the Brazilian striker left the field, the whole gallery ‘Ronaldo’, ‘Ronaldo’ sounded in front of the sound, stood by the Red Devil fans screaming.

Ronaldo’s Video Link:

2. Ronaldinho: (Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid v Barcelona, 2005)

Ronaldinho curriculum with the ball in the field is now the story of many. His superhuman performance at the Real Madrid home in La Liga in 2005, Hiranmoy Memorial is still close to many football fans. Barcelona’s Ronaldinho’s elite performance in Santiago Bernabeu was one of the scalps of Barcelona’s 3-0 goals in Real Madrid. Ronaldinho scored two goals In the manner in which two goals were scored by Nakani-Chubani for realizing the defense of the Real, host fans stood up and stood up for the antagonist. Undoubtedly, the match will be unforgettable for the fans of Bresac.

Ronaldinho video link:

3. Alessandro del Piero: (Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid vs Juventus, 2008)

In 2008, Bernabeu’s host fans had to stand up and honor the opposition team’s players. Juventus forward Alessandro del Piero lost the match to Real in the Champions League group stage match. Juventus lost the match to Real by 2-0. Del Piero’s two goals were in the long-shot bullet speed shot. When leaving the gallery, the entire Bernabur Gallery stood up and cried in the name of Del Piero so that he was one of them! Another memorable moment for football fans.

Del Piero’s video link:

4. Dennis Bergkamp: (Main Road, Manchester City vs Arsenal, 2003)

Dennis Bergkamp is one of the greatest ‘ballplayers’ in Holland’s history. In the four-plus match for Arsenal, the title of the ‘Golden Age’ of Bergkamp Gunners One of the best career matches played against Manchester City in 2003. Dutch legend gave the hat-trick a single citizen. City-sponsored fans stood up for this devastating performance and showed respect. Acknowledged his superiority.

Dennis Bergkamp’s Video Link:

5. Andrés Iniesta: (Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid vs Barcelona, 2015)

On that day, host supporters of Santiago Bernabeu had to stand up again to honor the player of the continent. It is understandable that the opposition team is Barcelona, but the player is not Ronaldinho, Andres Iniesta. In 2015, Barcelona came into the rifle with a 4-0 margin. Iniesta ruled the whole midfield.

Andrés Iniesta’s  Video Link:

6. Lionel Messi: (Santiago Bernabeu, Real vs Barca, 2009)

Since 2009 He is not such a great star as today. An emerging star will crash in real, who thought? On that day Messi stalled the entire Santiago Bernabeu. Madrid was a nightmare for the Defenders. Scored two goals. Two goals scored. That match was Real 6-2! Real flutter was frustrated by the real. However, Messi did not deserve respect. For the first time, Madrid fans roamed in the name of Messi. Messi’s superiority was accepted.

Lionel Messi Video Link:

7. Cristiano Ronaldo: (Anfield, Liverpool vs Real Madrid, 2014)

In 2014, Brendan Rodgers made his debut with Liverpool in Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid. Liverpool lost 3-0 to Real on the field at Anfield. Cristiano Ronaldo was on the back foot of the Spanish team. Real goals were brilliant in the entire match as well as the goal was excellent. Liverpool fans were fascinated by it Cristiano Ronaldo was so honored that he stood up.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s video link:

8. Steven Gerrard: (Stamford Bridge, Chelsea vs. Liverpool, 2014)

Steven Gerrard and Chelsea’s older history are a bit bitter. The former Liverpool captain wanted to cheat Chelsea in 2005. But Gerard did not leave his childhood club. That’s why maybe the English Premier League could not win. In 2014, Liverpool was defeated by Chelsea due to a slight mistake in Anfield. This was Gerrard’s last match against Chelsea in the outgoing season of Liverpool. Chelsea-backed fans, after his equality goals, have forgotten past bitterness and respected Liverpool legend.

Gerard’s video link:

9. Thierry Henry: (Stadium of Light, Sunderland v Arsenal, 2003)

Good game at the Sunderland Stadium stadium of Lite is very difficult for the opponent’s team players. But Thierry Henri is a strawberry grown. Arsenal legend has won the honor of the opposition in the 2003 Sunderland home field. Swedish forward Freddy Yenberg hat-trick in the match, however, all were fascinated by the game. Edinburgh scored a goal with three goals as ‘Assist’, a former French forward for the forward. Sunderland-backed supporters did not hesitate to stand up to the status after such a performance.

Thierry Henry’s video link:

10. Diego Maradona: (Santiago Bernabeu, Barcelona vs Real Madrid, 1983)

His place to the people of Argentina is above all. To football fans, he is one of the best of all times. In the 1986 World Cup, Argentina had won the title of the Cup alone, but the Italian club Napoli also won the league in the individual singles. Maradona has played in Barcelona before joining Napoli In 1983, Real Madrid-fans in El Classico showed him respecting him in the field. Diego Maradona is the first player to get ‘standing ovation’ from Real-fans.

Maradona Video Link:

Example of ‘Standing Ovation’ in the near future Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo received the honor after he scored a bicycle in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals at Juventus ground. Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon received the same honor in the return leg on the field. If the players of the opponent team are good at playing well, the matter proves again as Juventus-fans. The tradition of respecting life in the field of play is to be respected.


lmisports,, skysports

Reasons Why You To Remember These 10 Footballers

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