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Ronaldo, Whose Birth To Record

Ronaldo Whose Birth To Record

Ronaldo, whose birth to record. Cristiano Ronaldo scored a record in the career? I can not even say myself. But today we have made such a record, proudly speaking it will be lifelong. Ronaldo scored his first goal as a Portuguese player in four World Cups.

The word ‘drag’ is notorious here. No Portuguese player could score four World Cup goals. In 2006, he scored one goal in the first World Cup. The 2010 World Cup is also one. Nightmare 2014 World Cup finishes in the group stage, but one goal was scored by the name Ronaldo had been written And today, in the 4th minute of the World Cup, he was able to recover from the responsibility.

It is understood in the third minute that the goal is scored. To stop him, dancing in the D-box when he sat down and danced. Penalty Pelle Portugal And the goal of the penalty to give Ronaldo the eyes of the eyes of any coach in the world! Ronaldo did not disappoint. Due to David de Gaya, he made the job straight by jumping. The Portuguese captain scored a goal in the four World Cups.

Ronaldo Just For Record

This is the Portuguese record. This is a global record. Ronaldo was the only player to score in seven international tournaments (Euro and World Cup). Today’s record is taken by Real Madrid forward. It is unlikely that anyone can touch this record in the near future.

Not only did he score a goal, Ronaldo has been playing against Spain. In the first half, 19 passes, 18 of whom have reached the partner. Bruno Fernándes was ridiculously missed out on goals in 22 minutes by giving him a great goal. Ronaldo has been compensated for 44 minutes Took a silly shot, it was a mistake to forget Djeer’s terrible one. In the previous three World Cups where Ronaldo did not score more than one goal, Ronaldo scored two goals in 45 minutes.

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