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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Hat-Trick, Seen in An Epic

CR 7 Hat-Trick

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Hat-Trick, Seen in An Epic. World Cup best match?

There are only four matches. The best match between them is not difficult. But if the Portugal-Spain match is also the best match after the World Cup, there will be no chance of questioning. The tension that tension every moment of the match, what happens at every moment, what is an idea, which one is going to advance in the match, it takes a little time to understand that it is equally possible to put that tag in front of 60 matches before the match tag. This incredible match gave birth to two Iberian neighbors. It was unfair to beat anyone in the match, the fight ended 3-3 in the epic of an equation.

Cristiano Ronaldo is credited for his thanks. The first goal in the four minutes of starting the match, the last goal of the match ended four or five before the last goal also. Meanwhile, David de Gea has given a great gift as well. If you want to forget the hat-trick at the highest age of World Cup history, how can you forget the 88-minute fracture? The sound is not being taken as before, and the sound is loud as it sounds. In such a situation, the end-time of the match outside of the D-box is a freak earning.

Ronaldo's Hat-Trick, Seen in An Epic, lmi sports, lmisports

Great free kick moment

The ball raised in the sky. Ramos, Gerard Pique-Sergio Busquets topped the body of the jump, he said. To pretend to go out of the goal, he hit the last moment, bump down and got trapped in the net. Wondered Deja looked only and saw how one of the best players of this generation chose the stage of the World Cup as the best opportunity to prove itself. From the very first minute, Ronaldo was seen to show that today!

Spain likes to play slow Tickets suddenly make a tension in the rhythm and it takes a quick turn. The Portuguese did not want to give that opportunity today. The first ball of the match was Spain, yet it was not late to snatch the ball.  Gonçalo Guedes and Cristiano Ronaldo got a chance in the second minute. But with the slightest time, the attack on the right-hand side failed due to failure.

Ronaldo gave him another attack in the next minute with another attack on the left side. Dancing with the ball in the face of D-box, he got confused by his little curiosity. Tackle is late, Penalty! The Portuguese captain opened the World Cup score in the 4th minute by the penalty shot. The first of four goals in the World Cup as a Portuguese is a unique record to score in eight international tournaments.

Ronaldo's Hat-Trick, Seen in An Epic, lmi sports, lmisports

In the third minute of the match, the penalty was scored, the third goal of the team danced mean dose.

Even then Spain could not say that they were back in the match. Guedes, Ronaldo and Bernardo Silva were repeatedly attacking the slow pace of Spain’s oldest team in the World Cup. In the 17th minute, Ronaldo gave Gordes the chance to score But Jeddy Alba has stopped Geddes’s shot.

Portuguese could raise the gap in 22 minutes. Guedes and Ronaldo gave Spain a helpless defensive attack On the left-hand side Ronaldo pushed the pass to Bruno Fernandes. Incredibly, he missed the goal, Fernandes. It’s worth 2 minutes after Portugal pumped its price. Forget about their natural short pass, Diego Costa, near the D-box of Portugal, was given a long cross. He did not take control of the ball very well, the striker dropped him, along with the defender Pepe. Then the two Defenders surrounded by the D-Box were fooled by body DJ, making a shot on the far post, round! To play the second World Cup, he scored his first shot, in that goal scored (1-1)!

Cristiano Ronaldo Best Luck

Spain could move forward in 26 minutes if Isco’s shot did not return to the crossbar. After that, Spain was running a stick. Portugal has attacked the attack But the goal was to Portugal! In the 44th minute, Ronaldo took a silent shot, making it a terrible mistake for Devid. The first half ended in a 2-1 draw.

From the start of the second half, Spain again regained the control of Spain. That worked in 55 minutes. Heading out of the box, getting across on the right post. He is near the stitcher in front of the Head Goal Line. The goal, return to equality Spain (2-2).

Ronaldo's Hat-Trick, Seen in An Epic, lmi sports, lmisports

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Hat-Trick, Seen in An Epic

After 2 minutes, the liberation of sins is an anchor. Isco, the ball from silver pants seems to be shattered when the force found. But the ball outside the box got a dance. Right foot tight bend shot. It scratched Rui Patricia and snatched the post in the opposite direction (3-2). 3 minutes still left in the match!

After that Spain started to play a little bit. Portugal also tried to return to the match. And it got the fullness of Ronaldo. To stop him in 86 minutes, Gerard Piqué falls out of the box. Then that is the extraordinary goal. Ronaldo got the immortality of the game At the age of most, the hat-trick of the World Cup hat-trick has touched the goal of Frank Puscus. Two rounds of two-goal missions, now in the top of the rounds in Europe, have scored 84 goals.

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