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The Strange Story of The World Cup 1930 – 1970

The Strange Story of The World Cup 1930 - 1970

The Strange Story of The World Cup 1930 – 1970. How many events, the history of the World Cup which is full of accidents. In front of the World Cup, the mala is constructed but it is not bad. The first phase was discussed today, from 1930 to 1970, various events of the World Cup holders.

Uncategorized World Cup, Europe’s reluctance

The Uruguay World Cup held in 1930 was not a qualification FIFA invited almost all countries to play there. But Europe has not shown any interest in the World Cup to avoid the financial crisis and the passage of the Atlantic Ocean to the Latin country of Uruguay. FIFA president Julierem’s entry into the World Cup on the last day of the entry, France, Belgium, Yugoslavia, and Romania.

The Strange Story of The World Cup 1930 - 1970, lmi sports, lmisports

Uruguay World Cup held in 1930

The World Cup is not in the country, because of the test

Participating countries took picnic moody in the first World Cup. It is understandable how important it is to them, in one case. Argentina team captain Manuel Fiera was a law student. After playing two matches in the group stage, he returned to the country due to the test.

The Strange Story of The World Cup 1930 - 1970, lmi sports, lmisports

The Strange Story of The World Cup 1930 – 1970

Quarrel With The Ball

Argentina and Uruguay face the first World Cup finals At that time there was nothing called ‘official ball’ in the World Cup. In the final, the two teams were expected to bring two balls to the ground, the referee will play the final with their ball. Before the start of the match, it was very difficult to bounce. Later, the referee kept the team’s mind two balls using two balls of two half.

Italian referee selector when referee

The second World Cup was held in 1934 in Italy. The dictator Benito Mussolini’s Fascist regime in the country. Due to Mussolini, there are many controversial straps in the second World Cup match. It is said that Italy’s governor or the referee of Italy’s matches in Italy was chosen by himself. Many say that Italy is the champion of the World Cup due to his direct interference.

The Strange Story of The World Cup 1930 - 1970, lmi sports, lmisports

The Strange Story of The World Cup 1934

World Cup Nazism pauses

The third World Cup in France in 1938 was held in World War II DAMADOL. After getting the opportunity to compete with the introduction of the service, Austria could not play in the World Cup due to Adolf Hitler’s occupation.

Nazi Germany occupied Austria before World Cup In the quarter-finals, after the black shirts in the match against France and before the start of the match, the Italian team faces strong criticism with fascist salutes. The black shirt was then symbolized by Italian fascist paramilitary forces. As usual, Mofolini’s Italy made the trophy home.

India’s refusal to play World Cup

After World War II,  in 1942 and 1946, The fourth World Cup held in Brazil in 1950. The 16 teams that took part in the World Cup India’s first World Cup game to match But at that time the All India Football Federation (AIFA) did not take the opportunity. Many said that India wanted to play in the World Cup empty-handed. India did not send FIFA because it did not give it. But the fact is that the AIFA gave importance to the Olympics more than the World Cup. Besides, the cost of going from India to Brazil was also a major factor.

Maracana Tragedy

Brazil and Uruguay faced the 1950 World Cup finals. The match was confirmed by the Brazilian side of the match. Brazil was so optimistic about winning the World Cup that the Brazilian daily ‘And Mundo’ had given headlines to Brazilian team, ‘These are the world champions!’, Bought Uruguay captain Obdulo Varela in the hotel room toilet for purchasing several numbers.

The Strange Story of The World Cup 1930 - 1970, lmi sports, lmisports

Maracana Tragedy. The Strange Story of The World Cup 1930 – 1970

The colleagues said to urinate copies! Speaking the confidence of the party, Verla said that. In the final, Uruguay celebrated Brazil with 2-1 goals in front of millions of hosts. The Brazilians were so upset about the incident that after the final, the audience’s suicide was caused by jumping from the roof of the Maracana stadium. In Portuguese, this tragedy is notoriously named ‘Marakanjo’.

Hey Hungary!

In 1954, the fourth World Cup was held in Switzerland. The first World Cup service was broadcast on match television. The World Cup hat favorite was Ferenc Puskás Hungary. The team, with Sandier Coxis, Nandar Heidequi, and Zoltán Stieber, was unbeaten in the 29 matches played before the World Cup finals. Germany almost pulled off the ground in the 1954 World Cup final. Hungary went on to beat 2-4 in the match and lost 4-3 in Hungary.

The Strange Story of The World Cup 1930 - 1970, lmi sports, lmisports

FIFA World Cup Final 1954 Puskas Hungary Germany Soccer Football Switzerland. The Strange Story of The World Cup 1930 – 1970

The Advent of Brazil and Pelé

The World Cup was held in Sweden in 1958. This World Cup is famous for the appearance of a football magician named Pele. This World Cup also marks the emergence of Brazil as the most famous team. They were the first to win the title of Garnacha, Hilderaldo Bellini, Didi, Jagla, and Pel.


Sweden World Cup was sorted by CIA!

Some Swedish journalists invented a strange theory about the 1958 World Cup. According to them, the whole world cup was arranged- whether the US sat in the US or the result of the World Cup, the US intelligence agency (CIA) As a part of global conspiracy, or did the CIA want to see the power of the television program, how much events can affect the general public! Although later this theory proved to be a mistake and ridiculous.

Battle of Santiago

Many of the 1962 World Cup in Chile was not liked. Especially in European countries, The Argentinians liked this with Europeans. Initially, the Latin countries had put a latent threat on the World Cup, if they were hosted in FIFA-Europe, they would boycott the World Cup together. FIFA accepts the demands of Latin countries, but the World Cup is organized in relatively new strength in Chile.

The Strange Story of The World Cup 1930 - 1970, lmi sports, lmisports

wm 1962 in chile Zzweiter Vorrundenspieltag Italien Gergen chile das spiel get also Schlacht von Santiago in die Annalen in Weil sich Iitalienische median Zuvor Raffaelli Ueber das Gastgeberland

The European countries, however, did not like the FIFA decision, the football forces in the Latin region also did not like. In the second match of the group stage, the Rizzardta became the dominant player in the Chile-Italy match. Prior to that match, some Italian journalists wrote some articles in their own newspapers by chasing Chile.

The writings were about hatred towards Chile. Chilean footballers were so angry inside. The match was filled with fights. Wrestlers looked at players instead of football that day. Many times the players have to stop the police to field and fight. The match is called the ‘Battle of Santiago’ in history. It can be mentioned that, soon after the match, he started red and yellow cards in the FIFA football match.

When the ‘Hero’ of the World Cup is a dog

Pickles: Dog that found stolen World Cup. In 1966 host nation England won the football World Cup. Owner Dave Corbett recalls how he and Pickles became national heroes for returning the Jules Rimet Trophy to its rightful place.

The Strange Story of The World Cup 1930 - 1970, lmi sports, lmisports

The ‘heroic’ dog spikes in the 1966 World Cup. This was saved by the stolen trophy and saved the quality of the organizers. The Strange Story of The World Cup 1930 – 1970

England won the World Cup in 1966. However, the original ‘Bir’ Pickles dog of this World Cup is a dog. Because the dog saved the honor of the organizers. The trophy was stolen from an exhibit just before the World Cup starts in Jules Rimet Trophy. After many searches, when the Trophy hopes all the people leave in Julriim, the trophy trimmed through a paper recovered from bushes on the street in London.

Brazil’s Third Trophy The Duel Hero Bobby Moore

Arguably the best team in history to win the Brazil World Cup. England captain Bobby Moore was arrested on the charge of stealing bracelets from a jewelry store in Colombia – before the start of World Cup champions England’s World Cup.

The Strange Story of The World Cup 1930 - 1970, lmi sports, lmisports

The Advent of Brazil and Pelé. The Strange Story of The World Cup 1930 – 1970

After taking food from Mexico to Mexico, goalkeeper Gordon Banks was attacked by food poisoning while drinking beer before the quarter-finals against West Germany. After all, when everything went out of the way, Carlos Alberto, Jairzinho, Gérson, Claudallando, Brazil of Refuel won their third consecutive World Cup trophy in July.

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