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‘Trump Card’ of Argentina in the World Cup

Trump Card of Argentina in the World Cup Cristian Pavón

‘Trump Card’ of Argentina in the World Cup.  Argentina is going to the World Cup with ‘secret weapon’. Maureen Icardi scored the highest goal in the recently finished Italian Serie A However, there was no place for this striker in the Argentine World Cup squad. However, an obscure young striker named Christian Pavan, who got the right place in the team, Who is this Pavan?

Ignorance is not quite right. Cristian Pavón is not yet a familiar name in European club football. But this name has been widely spoken in Argentina’s domestic football – since the age of 12, Pavan is considered as a lively talent. In the World Cup in Russia, Lionel Messi, Angel D. Mariah, said that ESPN could ‘become a secret weapon’.

Pavan came from Cordoba’s school football. In an interview, he was asked, “What do you think you play like?” The reply of Pagan, “like Messi.” He also asked him the same question, but he did not change his answer. Now Messi is the team-mate, Pavon will play in Russia World Cup.

Argentine premier Player Cristian Pavón

Cristian Pavón, the Argentine premier division’s club, Talleres de Córdoba, grew up in the age group. His coach was Daniel. According to the former footballer, Pagan has achieved all the goals he has set in his career, “She wants to play in the Argentine youth team. Argentina wants to play in the big club, a club like a fool It also did. After getting the opportunity in the national team, his goal was clear-playing in the World Cup.

The dream of playing in the World Cup in Paan will also be fulfilled in Russia. Boca Juniors striker has taken good care of four matches since the debut of Argentina’s jersey last year. After joining Boca Juniors from Talleres in 2014, the German club Cologne is playing alongside. ESPN believes in the national team’s low chance that Pappon will be the first choice in the World Cup semi-finals. But many people think that Pavan can also be seen in Argentina XI.

Because of this concept, Cristian Pavón can play in both attacking third or wing-places. Daniel explains the nature of his game, ‘He can play in the attacking third, the speed can bring on the attack. Can play even on two ends. Cristian Pavón is not just a threat to the goal, but he also knows. He has no problem playing 70 to 80 minutes of a winger as a forward. He can keep three forwards or the whole edge. ‘

The 22-year-old winger is accompanied by Messi’s ‘Testimonial’, ‘The coach can become a very important player for the team in the game where he wants to play.’ Messi’s ‘Testimonials’, which is not rugged, can be understood by Arsenal’s interest in Pagan. Although the $ 36 million dollar release clause with his name, the English club has not yet released.

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