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where & When The UEFA Champions League Draw Of Semi Final

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Champions League Draw

Where & When The UEFA Champions League Draw Of Semi-Final. Fourth of the semifinals were finalized after the last eight fight. Waiting to see the last four battles. The line-up of the four teams in the semi-finals is quite impressive. One of the top four leagues in Europe – Real Madrid (Spain), Bayern Munich (Germany), Liverpool (England) and AS Roma (Italy) have climbed to the finals. Which two teams from here will win the title?

To answer that question, wait until Ukraine’s Kiev finals on May 26. Before the battle of the Semi, and who will face in this fight, it will be ensured that tomorrow’s Draw will be held at the UEFA champions league draw ceremony. The draw will start takes place at 12 pm and worldwide time is 13:00CET, on Friday, April 13 in Nyon UEFA headquarters in Switzerland.

Semi-Final Draw

Semi draw does not have any sort of process. All the groups will be kept in the same bowl. The team that will be picked at first will play in the first leg of the semifinals. The two countries of the same country or the same association can face each other. But this time there is no chance. Because four teams from four countries are facing the semi-finals. For the first time, a team from England, Spain, Germany, and Italy won the semifinals of the Champions League.

In the last 2010 tournament seminar, four different countries took part in the tournament. But the service was from Germany to Bayern, Spain to Barcelona, Italy to Inter Milan and France, but there was no England representative.

The first leg of the semi-finals will be held on April 24th and 25th. Return leg 1 and 2 May.

lmisports, sports, lmi sports, barcelona, barca, real madrid, marcelo, juventus.

          Four Teams in The Semi-Finals



UEFA Ranking

Real Madrid



Bayern Munich



Liverpool F.C.



AS Roma



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