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Who Will Defeated Barcelona in La Liga?

Who Will defeated Barcelona in La Liga, lmi sports, lmisports

  • Barcelona beat Barcelona 5-1 in a big win.
  • Barca scored two goals in Ousmane Dembélé.
  • Messi, Coutinho, and Paulinho scored one goal each.

Who Will defeated Barcelona in La Liga?. Barcelona won the night match against the Vivianyal on Wednesday, with Barcelona winning the match. Hosts leave the field without an unbeaten run in La Liga with a big win of 5-1. In the current season, the Catalan did not have to taste the bitter taste of defeat

In the first half, Barcelona was outplayed by 3-0 goals. In the second half, after digesting one goose, the disciples of Valverde gathered the ball twice in the Villarreal CF net.

In the 11th minute of the match, Cutinoha went on to score 1-0 in Barcelona. Although Demmel was more likely to play the first goal, In singer’s ball, pulling the ball alone. He also took a shot. Villarreal CF goalkeeper, who failed to stop Kutinoha’s shot for the second time, failed to make the first attempt. After five minutes, guests again digested the goal. Pauline scored the goal for Barcelona (2-0).

Who Will Lose Barcelona in La Liga?

Who Will defeated Barcelona in La Liga, lmi sports, lmisports

Who Will defeated Barcelona in La Liga?

After making two small scopes, the Barcelona failed to open the ball. On the other hand, the last flute market in the first half of the first half digested three goals in the form of Iniesta and Messi. Argentine star arrives at a convenient place with a backpack in the D box. It is understood to see the goal of Iniesta with his understanding, (3-0).

Villarreal CF got a goal in the 54th minute of the match. It is said that Season has scored a goal that has been a lot. The season takes the ball (3-1) to give him a place to move from the bullet shot of his teammate. Afterward, the goal was not seen in the Viviana. But in the last minute of the match, with a remarkable two goals, the team gave a big win to 5-1.

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